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A little about me...Ernest Lewis...I've helped individuals reach their personal performance and fitness goals including running 5K races up to marathons.  RRCA and NESTA certified, I am a 3:18 marathoner and have completed 38 marathons including Boston and the Oil Creek 100 Ultra-marathon, as well as numerous 5K races and half-marathons.

My philosophy includes training 2 sides of each runner or:

Training the Whole Runner

1) The physical training: get fit, lose weight, look and feel great!

2) The mental training: believe in yourself, find your inspiration, gain self-awareness and discipline!

With these two training elements, you can find your motivation, be empowered, and reach your goals!

As a Coach, I help advanced and beginning runners with their running and general fitness training.  My expertise has accumulated over 10 years of running and started with the desire to get fit and to lose weight.  Since 2001, when I couldn't even run one mile without stopping, I've been running and have lost over fifty pounds, run a boat load of races and coached advanced and beginning runners on how to run, run better, and achieve their goals and dreams.

Choose your program, and I will help you get there!


    Marathon or Half-marathon Plan

    5K Plan

    General Fitness Plan


 I'll coach, support, and encourage you and help you find the discipline to achieve your goals.


 I want you to find your motivation, feel empowered and succeed!



Some Stats and Other Info:

3:17:43, 2009, USAF Marathon, Dayton OH

3:19:50, 2006, Columbus Marathon


Also a finisher at the:

        Boston marathon

        Marine Corps, Washington D.C.

        Yuengling Shamrock, Virginia Beach VA

        Glass City, Toledo OH

        Flying Pig, Cincinnati OH

        Rite Aid Cleveland marathon

        Steamtown, Scranton PA

        Mayor's marathon, Anchorage AK

        North Central Trail, Sparks MD

        Road Runner Akron marathon

        Inland Train marathon, Elyria OH

        National Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer, Jacksonville FL


        The Oil Creek 100 Mile Ultra-marathon, 2009, 2012


RRCA and NESTA Certified Running Coach


Run Coach for Team In Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society


Executive Coach and Consultant, Owner of E.A. Lewis Consulting

Need more information or have questions?

Contact me at:

cell: 419.345.4254



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Running Coach Certified: Road Runners Club of America and           


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